the program involves GrNSS members in the development and teaching of lunar human
and robotic exploration-related courses to high school students in Greece, in
collaboration with the LCATS USA Program, which is funded by NASA.


Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) is the 1st comprehensive annual Space Education Program for high school students, brought to Europe and Greece for the first time by the Greek NewSpace Society, in collaboration with the homonymous three-year pre-engineering Program of WEX Foundation in the USA, which is funded by NASA.


If your students are interested in taking the LCATS Greece courses, submit your interest today!


This program aims to familiarize students with unmanned and manned space exploration, with an emphasis on exploring the surface of the Moon. Through innovative experiential and collaborative teaching methods, the combination of various scientific subjects and their applications on the field of space form a comprehensive STEAM program, which will provide students with all the necessary skills that may motivate them to pursue higher education studies on such science.