Vicky Stefanouli is a physiotherapist and holds a Master's Degree (2018) in "Human Factors & Ergonomics" from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. During her postgraduate program, she completed her internship on "3D Modeling, Inverse Dynamics and Muscle Activation Patterns of Rowing in Microgravity" at the European Space Agency (ESA) and, more specifically, at the European Astronaut Center (EAC) in Cologne of Germany. She won a scholarship from ESA ACADEMY to attend the summer school on "The ESA / ELGRA Gravity-Related Research Summer School 2018 "in Belgium. Maintaining a special interest in human physiology and exercise in extreme environments and in ergonomics, she participated in several competitions. One of them was the "Student Aerospace Challenge 2017/18" in France sponsored by the Astronaute Club Européen (ACE), where she won the "Communication Prize" with the team project "SuSU - Suborbital Safety Unit".  Moreover, she is one of the two points of contact (POC) in Greece for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).

Regarding her professional career, she has many years of experience in the education of adults and minors, as she is a laboratory teaching assistant at the Department of Physiotherapy of the University of Thessaly and professor in secondary education. In addition, in the past, she worked in primary education, as well as in public and private Institutes of Vocational Training. Her attraction to the field of education led her to attend the annual pedagogical training program by ASPAITE of Volos and to obtain certification in Adults Education from the University of Macedonia and in Special Education and Training from the University of the Aegean. Finally, she has actively participated in various conferences with research presentations related to her scientific field.

Vicky Stefanouli - Vice President of BoD

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